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When it comes to creativity, we are the masters of drone photography & aerial cinematography. We can make any project look cinematic and at the same time dramatically increase the production value.


Airtight Aerials offers confined space inspection services using specialised drones. We use the Flyability Elios to inspect tanks, under bridges and anywhere where it’s potentially hazardous for humans to go.





Airtight Aerials is a leading aerial photography drone specialist based in Melbourne, Australia. Moreover, we are a small passionate team of individuals who specialise in aerial cinematography and industrial inspection services.

We fly closer, faster and get the shot.. everytime.




Hayden Smith


After founding Airtight Aerials four years ago, we successfully achieved making the company one of the leaders in Aerial Cinematography and Confined Space Inspection with drones in Australia.

Hayden has worked on projects ranging from the recent 300 million-dollar MCEC upgrade, to the sale of Australia’s most expensive property in Sydney harbour in 2018. Some of his clients include Ford, Booking.com, Abercromby’s, VisitVictoria, Ryobi, The Age newspaper and Melbourne Polytechnic just to name a few.

When it comes to our Confined Space Inspection work, we are one of the Australia’s first drone businesses to start using the Elios Drone. All of our pilots are officially certified and trained by Flyability and have many hours experience in various environments.

Airtight Aerials is licensed and certified in accordance to CASA Australia. In addition to this, we hold public liability to 20 million dollars. We also understand the importance of adhering to Governance requirements and Safety Management in the workplace.


Flyability Elios – Confined Space Drone Inspection

Our client asked us to perform a visual inspection of a steel railway bridge. After putting together a comprehensive flight plan, we launched the Elios to start its mission.

Within two hours we had acquired all the information we needed to then pass onto our client. The client was then able to assess the structural integrity of the bridge and if it required further maintenance.

Flyability Elios – Drone Photography Melbourne

A recent test flight of our new confined space inspection drone – The Elios.

This drone is surrounded by a carbon fibre cage which is crash resilient and able to ‘crawl’ along walls and hard surfaces. The Elios can fly inside buildings, structures and potentially hazardous areas people would normally need to go too.

In this simulated search and rescue mission we flew the Elios inside an abandoned train to find a potential victim.

Flyability Elios Rail Bridge Inspection – Drone Photography Melbourne

This video shows a recent inspection we completed of a steel railway bridge The bridge was 30 meters high and crossed a large river. We flew the ELIOS beyond visual line of sight and gathered all the required information we needed in 2 hours. Is this the fastest and most cost effective way to complete a visual inspection? We think so. – Cutting costs, decreasing downtime and most importantly.. saving lives.

Flyability Elios Rail Bridge Inspection – Drone Photography Melbourne

This is a recent example of a bridge inspection we completed with the Elios. Just some of things we were able to determine in 1 hour included: – Record the current physical and functional condition of the bridge – Confirm that any previous repairs carried out are functioning satisfactorily – Identify any inventory changes from the previous inspection – Provide feedback to design, construction and maintenance engineers – Provide information to determine the need for establishing or revising the load carrying capacity (load rating) of the bridge – Determine maintenance needs and anticipated future problems Cutting costs, decreasing downtime and most importantly.. saving lives.

Hidden Gems – Visit Victoria – Drone Photography Melbourne

We travelled to the Grampians and Victorias high country to meet unique individuals and find out their stories.

We pushed the Inspire 2 drone to the limit and got some great results. The final product showcased some of Victorias most beautiful hidden gems.

A big thanks to Visit Victoria and GoodGrief Productions for being so great to work with!

2018 MCEC Expansion – Drone Photography Melbourne

Airtight Aerials was part of the recent $300 million MCEC expansion project in June 2018. In addition to this, we used dual operators to create unique and impressive aerial cinematography.

This project demanded 110% focus as operating a drone indoors can be extremely difficult. Despite this, the final product exceeded all of our expectations. We walked away with a heap more experience and most importantly a happy client.

Aerial Drone Photography @ MONA Farm – Drone Photography Melbourne

Recently, we were part of the small production crew with the task of creating an exclusive short for the sale of Mona Farm. The aim was to tell the story of this historic farm in all its glory. We were going to use RED cameras & Inspire 2 drones to cover the entire 120 acre property, which was no small task.

Our efforts paid off in record time, as the property sold within one month!

Film by goldeneyemedia.com.au


Aerial Photography – Residential Real Estate

Aerial Photography – Commercial Real Estate


Latest Drone Gear – DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7 Cameras

We use the latest drone technology available and have hundreds of hours experience using it in real world environments.

Furthermore, all of our drones are ultra-portable, quick to set up and produce cinema grade quality. In addition to this, our drones can film various formats ranging from 6K Cinema DNG to 24 megapixel photos.

Latest Drone Gear – Flyability Elios

We use the latest drone gear for all our industrial inspection work. This means we can quickly gather data from difficult to reach places in just minutes. In the past, these operations would require scaffolding, permits and man power which would take days to complete.

On top of this, we always provide detailed reports of each inspection which clearly shows specific points of interest.

Using us for your industrial inspection needs will greatly improve safety, save money and decrease downtime.

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