Hayden Smith


Hayden Smith is the founder and managing director of a Melbourne based drone company that partners with numerous industries looking to increase safety, reduce costs and decrease downtime using confined space inspection drones. Hayden’s goal is to reduce workers being exposed to hazardous environments by removing the human element, which is the most indispensable part of any high-risk work.

After founding Airtight Aerials four years ago, Hayden has successfully achieved making the company one of the leaders in aerial photography and aerial cinematography in Australia. Hayden has worked on projects ranging from the recent 300 million-dollar MCEC upgrade, to the sale of Australia’s most expensive property in Sydney harbor in 2018. Some of his clients include Ford, Booking.com, Abercromby’s, VisitVictoria, Ryobi, The Age newspaper and Golden Eye Media, just to name a few.

Being the Airtight Aerials chief pilot, Hayden has more than 6 years real-world flight experience. Clients choose to work with Hayden due to his understanding and proficiency in drone technology, focusing on confined space inspection. Hayden consistently shows the ability to perform in highly stressful and demanding situations, where attention to detail is imperative. Additionally, Hayden has begun offering services to industries ranging from Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Search & Rescue to Tunnel and Tank Inspections.

Hayden uses the Swiss-made Elios drone when completing all indoor inspection work. The Elios is a collision tolerant drone which operates in confined spaces, beyond visual line of sight and in complete darkness using an integrated high-powered LED lighting system. The Elios is rapidly transforming the confined space inspection industry due to its ability to go where humans cannot and report information in real time.

One example of this is a job Hayden recently completed using the Elios Drone to inspect the structural integrity of a steel factory in Sydney. Hayden completed the job in under two hours and saved costs by 85% due to eliminating scissor lifts and scaffolding. Moreover, the biggest advantage was removing the need for people to work at heights and thus potentially cause incidents.

To summerise, Hayden has an innate ability to listen and understand his client’s needs and expectations, which proves to be one of his most essential qualities. Hayden has a friendly and easy to get along with character that fortifies him as a truly valuable asset to any workplace.


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