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After founding Airtight Aerials 5 years ago, Hayden has created one of the most successful drone production companies in Australia.

Hayden was one of the first in Australia to start using the Flyability Elios drone in early 2019. Since then, he has helped many industries improve the way they conduct visual inspections. He has done this by reducing the need for workers to enter potentially dangerous environments. Furthermore, businesses have been able to increase the production, save time and ultimately become more efficient.

When it comes to aerial cinematography, Hayden has been part of some of the biggest productions in Australia. Some of these projects include the recent 300 million-dollar MCEC upgrade, to the sale of Australia’s most expensive property in Sydney harbour in 2018.

Some of his clients include Ford, Booking.com, Abercromby’s, Visit Victoria, Ryobi and The Age newspaper just to name a few.

Airtight Aerials is licensed and certified in regards to CASA Australia. In addition to this, we hold public liability to10 million dollars. We also understand the importance of adhering to Governance requirements and Safety Management in the workplace.


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We truly love what we do, which makes us stand out from the rest


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Our quality standard is head and heals above the rest. We start with the latest technology, then mix in our unique experience to create something extraordinary. In doing this, we guarantee that our work will save time while at the same time deliver the highest quality product.


From the initial meeting, all the way to the final delivery, our goal is to provide ultra-premium service. We strive on being great listeners and understanding what it really is our customers are trying to achieve. In addition to this, we guarantee service at the highest level and time and time again shows why our customers return.


Experience is something that cant be faked. True experience means dedicating time, energy and resources into why and how something works. With drones we consider ourselves as experts considering the countless hours we have spent planning, travelling and flying them over the past 5 years.

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