Bells Beach July 2018 – Aerial Drone Photography

This July we captured some incredible aerial drone cinematography at Bells Beach. In addition to this, the locals said it was the biggest swell they had seen in 10 years!

Without delay, we launched our drones into 100 km/h winds knowing they could handle it. And handle it they did! The strong head winds made it more difficult to return to home, however they were no match for the Inspire 2.

Once again we have witnessed the DJI Inspire 2 and Zenmuse X7 produce amazing footage, even in low light.


2018 MCEC Expansion – Indoor Drone Cinematography Melbourne

Airtight Aerials was very happy to be a part of the recent 300 million dollar MCEC upgrade expansion project in June 2018. In addition, we utilised dual operators to fly our drones indoors to create some unique and impressive aerial cinematography.

This project demanded 110% focus at all times as operating a drone indoors can be extremely difficult. Despite this, the final product exceeded all of our expectations and we walked away with a tonne more experience and a happy client.

Aerial Drone Photography @ MONA Farm – Braidwood

Recently, we were part of the small production crew with the task of creating an exclusive short for the sale of Mona Farm. Furthermore, we utilised RED cameras and DJI Inspire 2 drones to cover the entire property which was over 120 acres!

In conclusion, our work had completed its job in record time and this amazing property was sold!

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