Top 3 tips to never crash your drone

One thing every drone pilot should be aware of is the top 3 tips on how to never crash your drone. All drone pilots have a love for technology and the desire to create beautiful imagery. However if your reading this and you have not yet crashed your drone, its probably only a matter of time!

As with my previous post on the top 5 tips on becoming a better drone pilot, I wanted to look at the simple ways to avoid disaster.

We are currently at a stage where its easier to fly a drone then drive a car. However, at the same time it’s easy to rely too much on the technology and make a simple mistake which could end in disaster.

So without further ado, here are my top 3 tips to never crash your drone!

1. Don’t Get Distracted

I could probably write an entire article on distraction and how easily it can happen. Multiple times I have been approached by a bystanders only to take my eyes off the drone for a split to avoid catastrophe by split second.

It can happen any of us therefore it’ better to mitigate the risk before it happens and here are some examples:

  • Have dual operators
  • Inform your client you need to concentrate
  • Never take your eyes off the drone, even for 5 seconds!
  • Adjust camera settings before taking off

2. Set Return To Home (RTH)

This tip is crucial and often overlooked. I make a habit of correctly configuring my RTH before taking off to ensure the most suitable procedure will initiate when signal is lost.

One example is to launching from a boat. Having a dynamic home point requires your drone to follow your RC location at all times. Therefore your drone will always return to your current RC location and not to the bottom of the ocean!

Additionally, it’s a great idea to program RTH altitude to at-least 10 meters higher than the tallest obstacle in sight. This ensures if RTM obstacle avoidance fails, your drone will never fly into a tree on its way home.

3. Low Battery 30% – Critical Battery 15%

My last tip for never crashing your drone is maybe the most important.  Keeping an eye on your battery charge is crucial to a successful flight!

Therefore always make sure to start with 100% charged batteries and they are in good working condition. Additionally, adjust your battery settings to 30% low battery and 15% critical battery. This gives you a little more juice when needed and your running out of battery fast!

Top 3 tips to never crash your drone