Flying a drone is simple right? Well theoretically it is.. until you get yourself into trouble and need to avoid a tree! Therefore I present to you the ‘Top 5 tips to become a better drone pilot’.

Consumer drone technology has evolved so quickly over the past few years, it really is easier to operate a DJI drone than drive a car. However there are certain times when having a few tricks up your sleeve can really increase the production value of your work and more importantly avoid an insurance claim!

1. Practise, Practise, Practise!

I bet you are not surprised to see this as tip number 1. It really is true that the best way to get better at anything is by practising. And there couldn’t be a better example than flying drones.

One of the top 5 tips to become a better drone pilot is exposure to different environments. Practising in multiple locations enhances the ability to react appropriately when under pressure. An example of this is when flying around important clients or when something unexpected happens.

Some examples are:

– Low light (sunrise/sunset)
– Windy conditions at the local park/oval
– Flying inside (with prop guards)
– Small controlled area with obstacles

2. Learn your settings

Second on the list of the top 5 tips to become a better drone pilot would be learning your settings. This is essential when needing to quickly adjust camera settings to get the shot, or how to switch to ‘sports mode’ to get home quickly.


3. Review your work (get feedback)

Never underestimate the power of reviewing your own work & getting feedback. This tip alone can enhance your drone photography by a truckload in a very brief amount of time.

Family, friends and instagram are a great start, however you will really excel when you receive honest feedback on specific areas you need to improve on. Try joining a photography club or finding someone that you respect and asking for their initial thoughts. Getting constructive criticism like this can be hard to find, but when found taken onboard you will see the results in no time!

4. Invest in a cheap drone ($40 – $100)

If you want piece of mind, then don’t look past this tip.

Buying a cheap drone to practice on in your space time will save you $$$ down the track. With these little toys you quickly learn roll, pitch, yaw and thrust while at the same time how easily things can go wrong when you don’t have GPS mode to save you. Furthermore if you do lodge it at the top of a gum tree, you will be less worried then if it was your new Mavic 2!

6. Get training/licensed

For those looking to take their skills to the next level, then getting licensed in the next logical option.

Finally, becoming a certified drone pilot provide an understanding of local laws, weather conditions and optimal flight control. Moreover, you will be able to use your newly acquired drone skills for commercial gain and start to earn some money!